New technologies & trends offer a tremendous opportunity for businesses to overcome existing limitations and to help innovate and create business models, products, and organizations. Multiple areas of rapid evolution are unlocked by the progress in Cloud Computing.

Our 2-Step Model


Organisations are confronted with ever increasing privacy-, security-, legal- and compliance- risks and requirements in order to operate in today’s connected environments.

Following a standardised Assessment, we will provide skills to extend your existing team and capacity simply as a managed service, based on a monthly Subscription.


1. Discovery & Scope

2. Add a Subscription

 1. Discovery and Scope

 *  *  *

————–  Standard Assessment : ————–

Privacy, Security & Compliance Assessment

As a first step we use a standardized Cloud, Privacy & Security Assessment. This allows us to quickly establish the biggest risks and opportunities in your environment, and define a lean and manageable scope of work.

 *  *  *

————–  Specialised Assessment #1: ————–

GDPR/DSGVO Readiness Check (DSG, ePrivacy)

A detailed review of your data, your organization and your processes to assess your overall readiness in view of GDPR/DSGVO and DSG.

————–  Specialised Assessment #2: ————–

Data Assessment & Classification

Data Inventory, Assessment & Classification, and if required a complete Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA/DFA)

————–  Specialised Assessment #3: ————–

Security Analysis (incl. Pen, Red Team)

A detailed cyber assessment a.o. based on the CIS Framework (v7): Basic – covering CIS Controls #1-6, and Foundational – covering Controls #7-20, including PEN and Red Team testing.

   2. Add a Subscription

Data Privacy as a Service

Data Privacy Impact Analysis (DPIA)

Data Privacy Officer (DPO) – as a Service


Cyber Security as a Service

IT Security & Strategy

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)  –  as a Service


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Modular eGRC Solution

GDPR/DSGVO compliance – incl. DSG, ePrivacy, etc.

(Cloud-) Contract maintenance, IT Law

Digital Ethics – Advisory

Responsible Data Usage

Value Alignment

Algorithmic Accountability


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