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Safeguarding Your Brand Reputation Through Automation

Safeguarding Your Brand Reputation Through Automation (infosecurity-magazine.com)Is your brand ready to take a stand? and fighting automation with automation to safeguard your brand. Fight automation with automation: an effective defense against hacking,...

LEANmade Digest No. 37: Brand Loyalty and CCPA

Your LEANmade Digest for this week: building trust and brand loyalty, what to do if your Organisation handles California consumer data (spoiler: deadline is 1.1.2020), and a spotlight. 5 ways 'distributed trust' is changing brand loyalty | ZDNet...

Data protection by design and default

The GDPR requires you to put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to implement the data protection principles and safeguard individual rights. This is ‘data protection by design and by default’. If you are looking for a well-written...

How to Balance Security with Digital Transformation

"With digital transformation, security often gets muffled out. But, with high profiled data breaches circulating the headlines daily and newly enforced legislations, organizations must get the balance between technology and security right." In this short...



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