Your LEANmade Digest for this week: Collecting data the right way, IOT Devices providing unintended access into the rest of your network, and a critical reminder that Blockchain does NOT equal Security automatically



Collecting Data is All About Trust: Here’s How to Earn It (

Hitting it on the head: ‘Firms that follow a few simple rules not only reduce the risk of losing loyal customers; they actually stand out on the basis of better data management.’ Jeff Barrett summarizes what to do in 4 steps in this short piece via



Security Through Visibility (

Something we see a lot in our Cyber assessments at customers: the biggest threat around security of the exploding number of IOT devices lays not so much in the potential breach of the device itself (which might be ‘just’ a relatively dumb camera, TV, sensor, etc), but much more so in the fact that attackers then use these connected devices as easy entry points into the rest of your network, where the real valuables can be found. Most recent example: a web-radio, altough supposedly switched off, actually provided an open network port which was always-on. A (paid) contribution by Forescout via Fortune



A Hackers Take On Blockchain Security (

A critical reminder that Blockchain in and by itself is not somehow magically immune to the inherent flaws that cause seemingly secure systems or protocols to fail over time. And as a result, such implementations require as much attention to detail and careful operation in order to offer acceptable level of safety over time. Luke Fitzpatrick sat down with Ty Miller for Forbes.


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